We have owned Standard Poodles since 2000 and had our first litter in 2003. We love our breed, and we want to produce good quality Standard Poodles, to adhere to the Poodle Breed Standard.

We only breed to select dogs, as we strive to improve the quality of our puppies and produce the ones that are close to an Ideal Poodle. Genetic testing is done as appropriate.

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We only breed to keep a puppy from the litter, and usually more than one puppy is staying; thus we have a litter no more often than once in two or three years. Not even every Champion of ours is being bred.

To date, with very limited breeding, we bred 10 Champions of record, and have several more dogs pointed in Conformation.

Breeding Advice

Not all the puppies in a litter could be used for breeding, but they all make wonderful pets.

If you own a Standard Poodle with nice temperament and good looks, it's not yet the reason the dog should be bred. The breeder is a selectionist, and the reasons your dog is as beautiful as it is, are generations of Poodles behind it and selective work of many people.  

Follow your breeder's advice; if your dog was sold on Limited registration it must not be used for breeding. Simply enjoy your pet, whether you go hunting, do agility or obedience, or charm the neighborhood with your wonderful companion.

Say "No" to mixed breeds

We are Poodle fanciers. We do not breed our dogs to other breeds. We consider a now-popular practice of producing various mixes of Poodles and other breeds to be a threat to either breed's reputation. The outcome of such breeding is unpredictable and inconsistent.

As a result, often mixed breed dogs end up in animal shelters, as they usually have temperament and health problems. Every dog deserves a good home and loving owner, but too many of them will never leave the shelter. Think about it and discourage people from breeding mixes.