Piedmont's Stage Door Johnny


Born August 6, 2018

Timmy's pretty face

Timmy joined our family when he was 8 weeks old. On that day Irka came home from the hospital after the surgery, and Irka was the first one to meet Timmy. The rest of the family had accepted him, as he was Irka's own. Timmy was a shy puppy but was excited to meet all of his new family! His tail went up and kept wagging, his eyes were shining, and he so happily ran between all the adult dogs, that I was a bit concerned that someone might accidentally step on him. Timmy at once tried to eat from adult bowls ignoring lower table that was set for him. He very soon reached that height... and continued to grow to be the largest dog in the household.

little Timmy
little Timmy on the move
Timmy's first Christmas

Irka was like a surrogate mother to him. He felt confident in her presence, and preferred to be always accompanied outside. On the day one Timmy found a good stick (which was almost his size), and carried it very proudly around. He still likes to play with a stick outside.

Timmy needs a job. He found one for the night, he decided he needs to guard our sleep. Timmy quickly learned to count to two. When I am home alone, he would never sleep in the crate at night, he has to be out and on the watch. When both Vlad and I are at home, and only one of us in the bedroom, Timmy would sleep in his crate. As soon as the other half comes into the bedroom, Timmy demands to be out of the crate. He starts with a a very soft reminder, then goes louder, and if no reaction is heard on our side, he follows up with the loudest bark!

Timmy with a stick

Timmy loved playing with younger girls, but his affection would often turn into hanging onto Shura or Alla's coat, or, when he overgrew them significantly, trying to bite off the braids of hair. Saving a coat became a major issue in our house!

Timmy needs company in all endeavours, as such it was great to show him and Shura together. Though Timmy would present himself beautifully in the ring, he thought of himself as of precious chinese vase that you can admire from the distance but should not touch. This concept however was not agreeable to the judges. So off Timmy went to camp Kaylen's where he had to learn what behaviour is acceptable in a show poodle. Shura, of course, kept him company and led by example.

fine dining with Timmy
tired Timmy

Timmy is now a big boy but continues to be a spoiled baby in the house.