CH Sunshine of OZ, TP


May 6, 2007 - December 29, 2016

Taya new Champion

Taya was our sunshine. She was very special, and Vlad indulged her in every way.

Vlad and Taya

She was born very small...

one week old
1 week old

...was nursing well...

10 days old
10 days old

...until she opened her eyes...

3 weeks old
3 weeks old

...and became too busy and restless.

1 month
1 month old

She had that serious look...

6 weeks
6 weeks old

...was definetely an eye-catcher...

2 months
2 months old

...and always knew what she wants.
During the hot summer months she liked to lay on cold bricks beside the fireplace.

3 months
3 months

She was giving a hard time to her littermates, and later had to switch her attention to adults!

4 months
4 months

They all loved it though.

Philippe and Taya
Philippe and Taya

She grew up pretty...

Portrait of Tais at the age of 12 months
Taya is 1 year old

...celebrated her first birthday in style...

Taya's first birthday
Taya's first birthday

... and got the adult trim.

Tais in Continental trim
Taya and Philippe running
Life is good!
Taya with toy

Taya liked to play as much as Philippe but did not require your participation. She was the same type of fidget Lera was. With all that said, she was true apricot in character, and, to my delight, was a smaller version of her granddam Lora. She liked to sleep in the same spots, she liked the same games, she liked the bath tub just as Lora did - aren't we water dogs, after all? - and gave you all the trouble the apricot dog can. Oh, she had selective hearing, too. She only chose to listen to you if it coincided with her intentions. Who said, it is not in the color?

Taya in the tab

Taya loved playing with dogs!! Especially with the dogs outside of her family! Our neighbors had a Great Dane named Brutus, and the two of them played with each other separated by the fence. At the show Taya was so vigorous to play with just about anyone that we were asked to please stay far away from the rings because she was a major distruction! If a handler, holding a toy dog in his arms, would offer her a treat, she would ignore the treat and jump to try to get the dog!

Taya's show career was quite exciting. She had to go through an extensive period of training and adjusting to show life but once she started showing she was on the roll!

Taya stands for evaluation
Taya is in good hands!
head study
Taya is a New Champion
Taya was presented at PCA, and she was the talk of the show! She was a quality not seen before in apricot poodles, equal to the very best of black and white dogs. The decision to breed her was not an easy task as we did not want to compromise on quality, while still possibly preserving the color. We considered breeding to blue or cream dogs, but then an exquisite puppy came from Europe that was a good match for Taya. So we bred her to Sinarta, CH Hiffish I Did It My Way, and we got everything we hoped for in their litter! The puppies took only the best qualities of both parents. Sinatra was a black dog, so we got black, blue, apricot and cream puppies in the litter.

Taya with pupppies

Taya spent the whole 3 days with her puppies in the litter box, and then she realized puppies are taken good care of, and only need to be fed regularly, and she went on to her usual daily routine of under the fence play time with neighbor's Dane Brutus. Puppies got a fair amount of attention from their mother, granddam and aunties, and of course from their human family.

Taya is a Top Producer, as four of the puppies that we kept - Matthew, Dina, Irka, Masha - received their Champion and Grand Champion titles (Matthew is a Silver Grand Champion). Another puppy, Paris, went to performance home and to date she holds 30 titles in two venues, including UKC Agility and Rally Championships, and AKC Rally, obedience, agility, scentwork. Paris' registered name is U-ACHX U-CDX UROC URX Live Oak It's My Party of OZ, CDX, GO, RAE, NAJ, OAP, XFP, SIN, SCN, RATI.

Taya's puppies
Taya's puppies at 3 months

Taya had a very happy disposition, charming personality, she was very joyous dog, and always loved to meet other dogs and very small people! She was especially fascinated by little babies. Here she is pictured in the Poodle Club of America Meet the Breed booth at AKC annual show in Orlando.

Taya on the table at PCA booth
Taya and Vlad at PCA booth
Taya at AKC event
Taya in the yard

Taya had a very happy life. The only things she was afraid of were thunderstorms and fireworks. Unfortuantely that put too much stress onto her, and we lost Taya due to complications after surgery during fireworks season. The pain is still here, and the void she left in our life and our hearts is never to be filled.

Sunlit Taya