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Tais is the youngest member of our Poodle family. She is very special, as every baby is, and Vlad is indulging her in every way.

She was born very small...

one week old
1 week old

...was nursing well...

10 days old
10 days old

... until she opened her eyes...

3 weeks old
3 weeks old

...and became too busy and restless. Life is so exciting, and there are so many things to do, rather than getting full stomach!..

1 month
1 month old

She had that serious look...

6 weeks
6 weeks old

...was definetely an eye-catcher...

2 months
2 months old

...and always knew what she wants.
During hot summer months she liked to lay on cold bricks beside fireplace.

3 months
3 months

She was giving hard time to her littermates, and later had to switch her attention to adults!

4 months
4 months

They all loved it though.

Philippe and Taya
Philippe and Taya

She grew up pretty...

Portrait of Tais at the age of 12 months
Taya is 1 year old

...celebrated first birthday in style...

Taya's first birthday
Taya's first birthday

... and got the adult trim.

Tais in Continental trim
Life is good!

Taya likes to play as much as Philippe does but requires your participation. She is the same type of fidget Lera is. With all that said, she is true apricot in character, and, to my delight, is a smaller version of her granddam Lora. She likes to sleep in the same spots, she likes the same games, she likes the bath tub just as Lora does - aren't we water dogs, after all? - and gives you all the trouble the apricot dog can. Oh, she has selective hearing, too. She only chooses to listen to you if it coincides with her intentions. Who said, it is not in the color?

Taya's show career was quite exciting.

Taya stands for evaluation
Taya is in good hands!

When the time came, Taya brought to life a litter of black, blue, cream, and apricot puppies.

Taya's puppies
Taya's puppies at 3 months
They took only the best traits of their mom and dad, and we are very pleased by their success in conformation and obedience rings.