CH Alexandra Theodora of OZ


Born October 15, 2016

Shura's smiling face

Shura is our princess. She has taken a lot from both her granddams, Taya and Lera. She is as breathtaking as Taya was. By character she reminds me a lot of Lera. She is a very loving dog, but instead of kisses she has a habit of showing her affection to you by holding your hand in her mouth, preferably your working hand.

Like a princess, Shura likes to get comfortable in her favorite bed and observe the bustle other dogs may cause. Shura does not easily adjust to any changes in the family or surroundings, so again she would lay aside, study the situation, and consider if she is okay with the changes. It can even take her a few days before she finally decides she can accept what is new.

She is stubborn in her preferences. As a puppy she got used to enter the house through pool area, and for a long time she would refuse to use the front doors.

Our sweetest Ippolit used to scare puppy Shura by running towards her, and she would turn away and rush to the pool gate. Ippolit quickly learned it works like a clock, and would entertain himself repeatedly running into Shura, and smiling from ear to ear when she did not disappoint him by going to the gate, as he expected. They are great friends though despite the teasing.

As always the case, puppy Shura was spoiled by her daddy, who likes to carry his baby girls in his hands. Shura grew up so much a lady that she would never jump. You have to help her get on a grooming table, or in the bath. It was too much trouble for her to get on the bed, so she never did, until recently: Shura discovered the bed to be the only safe place where her puppies cannot get her.

Shura at 4 weeks
2 months old Shura in the grass
Vlad with Shura

Shura had a good start in the show ring, with PCA being her first show, where she placed 3rd in 6-9 puppy class. She showed for a little bit as a puppy but then we took a break until Shura grew up. I tried showing her myself but even with the help of greatest handlers Shura and I had little success. I showed Shura and Timmy, our younger puppy, together, and they were a good friends and emotional support for each other. And they both went to show with Kay Pieser, with Shura winning 5 point major the very first day she was shown by Kay, and collecting her both majors on one weekend. Shura soon finished, gathering all her single points over 2 weekends where she was unbeatable.

Shura the puppy in profile
Shura win picture at PCA
Mike Lobinske prepares Shura for the ring
Shura's major win

Shura has retired from shows and recently had a litter of silver and blue puppies. We are very excited about the quality of these puppies, and anticipate spectacular show careers for the ones that go to show homes, and hoping for the best future for the puppies that go to pet homes.

Shura and Olga in the park
Shura with puppies
Shura's puppies at 4 weeks