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CH Philippe Le Beau of OZ


Philippe is our best dog.

He loves to play and he can entertain himself if there is nobody to throw him a toy. He is tireless and can play for hours, while his brother and sisters are taking a nap.

Philippe is eager to please. He is very sensitive, he feels the tiniest changes in his owners' mood; he cannot stand if somebody talks in high tone, or if a child cries. He will be sitting next to that person and will look into the eyes, asking what's wrong. One day he can become a great therapy dog.

He likes to sit on a pile of freshly washed clothes that I am about to sort, no matter how clean or dirty he is! It is like a ritual: he will come and sit atop of clothes and put his paws around my neck and will demand to be hugged! And we both enjoy these moments...

Philippe and me

Philippe was not ready to be shown when he was a puppy. I showed him without much success, as you would expect from an inexperienced handler with a  spoiled dog on the other end of the leash.

Mike Lobinske handled Philippe with much better results!

Philippe was not always behaving but isn't 
				he beautiful!
Philippe was not always behaving but isn't he beautiful!

Philippe is a Champion!
Philippe is a Champion!

Philippe running wild!

Philippe enjoyed being a dog in between shows.

Philippe went Best of Variety at Orlando Poodle Club Specialty Show

His career is complete, and he will return home to be a beloved pet and to get us involved in training for comptetions other than conformation.