Blues Before Sunrise of OZ


Born October 15, 2016

Peter is small but mighty. The runt of the litter, from the very beginning he reminded me a lot of his granddam Taya, and he grew up to the expectations. He is very well aware that he is a handsome guy.

Peter at 8 weeks
Vlad and Peter

Peter thinks of himself as a little birdy. He started climbing to higher elevations while in the whelping box, and he continues to choose to sit high, for example on my shoulder.

Peter sleeping on a pig rail in whelping box

Peter was a good brother to Shura, supporting her always. Shura does not easily adjust to any changes, and Peter helped her to cope with the new environment or just changes in the family. They were like Yin and Yang. Peter and Shura were both shown at PCA when they just turned 6 months, but Peter is still waiting for his show career to start.

Shura and Peter, yin and yang
Peter at PCA

Peter has the very stong personality of a leader but he totally submits to Matthew, and he in fact is the only male that Matthew has accepted. The two live happily, with Peter choosing to leave unanswered rare moments of dominance thrown by Matthew. In turn, Matthew allows Peter to hang onto his tail or his ears as expression of love. Despite small size, Peter is strong and fast and can keep up running at the same pace as Matthew, which no one else can. So often Matthew would run on the property with all his force and power, like a fast train, and Peter would follow, holding Matthew by the tip of the tail, much like a train car.

Peter is a lot like great-grandsire Philippe. Like Philippe, he is handsome and charming, and like Philippe, he thinks he belongs to me and I belong to him. Just like Philippe, he would dance with me, often times joining Vlad and I...

Peter and Olga
Peter behind the door

Peter's new obsession are gopher tortoises, he is fascinated by these creatures. Several gophers are living on the property. Our family motto is now "Save the Gopher!" as Peter never forgets to check if the largest tortoise is in its burrow. If it is, Peter's excitement is unmeasurable, he is trying to get the beast, reaching into the burrow hole as far as he can. We have to remind him, dachshunds are not in his bloodline, and he is not supposed to be pulled out of the burrow by his tail!

Life is never dull with Peter!