Grand Champion Silver CH Ecllipse de Soleil of OZ


Born May 8, 2011

Matthew smiling

Matthew, my Man. Matthew was the only male puppy in the litter, and I am partial to male dogs. We were not supposed to keep a male puppy, but he was THE BEST! He is everything we could hope for!

Matthew at 3 weeks
Matthew at 8 weeks
Matthew at 3 months
Matthew at 4 months
We were eager to start showing him, and Matthew at his first show, 6 month and 2 days old, went on to win Best in Sweepstakes at Tampa Bay Poodle Club specialty show, and won his first breed points the next day!
Matthew's first win
Matthew with Thomas and Sinatra
Three generations:
GCHP CH Dacun Kaylen's He Is A Heartbreaker "Thomas",
CH Huffish I Did it My Way "Sunatra",
GCHS CH Eclipse de Soleil of OZ "Matthew"

Matthew finished pretty fast but we showed him at PCA in the Open class still. After PCA Matthew returned home to grow more coat and let his sisters finish. Later on he went to show as a special and eventually earned Grand Champion Silver title.

Matthew in Open class at PCA
Matthew head study
Matthew standing
Matthew running

Matthew returned home to be just a dog. He hates car rides but he loves to be out visiting places. He is a strong Alpha personality and does not like other males though he made an exception for his nephew Peter. Peter is allowed to play with him, and Matthew even tolerates Peter hanging onto his tail while they cover the property, albeit Matthew's tail does not look great after such treatment. We call Matthew our diesel electric train for his very powerful speedy runs.

Matthew in the woods
Matthew running
Matthew's leap
Matthew sitting pretty
Matthew on the grooming table

Matthew loves to be brushed. He demands brushing! He also thinks that the grooming table is the most comfortable and safest of all the places! He can sleep on the grooming table. Matthew is afraid of thunderstorms, and would get up on the grooming table during a storm to make himself safe.

We love our goofy boy more than ever, and he never fails to make our life more interesting every day.