Grand Champion CH Marigold of OZ


Born May 8, 2011

Masha showing

Masha felt special from the very beginning. She always thought, she is the one. She has her own opinion on how the stars should align and what kind of future lies ahead, and she follows her agenda, minding her own business.

Olga with baby Masha

Masha refused to be sold. She would shy away from visitors, hiding in a crate, ignoring them, refusing to play. When people would decide on another puppy, or simply that they do not want such a reserved puppy, Masha would shake off all the pretentiousness and come out with the most glorious look, as if saying, "See how I could be? But you cannot have me!" She is still picky in who she likes.

Masha was the biggest puppy when she was little but grew up to be the smallest dog. Masha has an air of presence around her, and that made her very special in the show ring.

Masha in Puppy trim
Masha at PCA
Masha in Continental trim

After receiving her Championship, Masha decided there would be no puppies in her future, and we had to comply. She, in fact, did not like to be around puppies at all. After successfully ignoring Liza's, Dina's, and Irka's puppies, and paying little attention to Timmy, Masha suddenly changed her mind: she loves Shura's puppies. She is fascinated by them, is watching them very closely, and we do not need puppy monitor, Masha will alert when puppies wake up!

Masha is very close with Dina, and Dina plays a role of big sister, always making sure that we attend to Masha's needs. Masha does not like rain, so Dina would always control that Masha is comfortable and protected in the safety of my arms.

Masha made an appearance as a Veteran dog at Orlando Poodle Club specialty in June 2019, and she was very happy to be back at the show! She enjoyed her day very much, and loved all the attention she received. She was proud to get Best Veteran in Show ribbon.

Masha on the sofa
Masha on the grooming table
Vlad and Masha
Masha and Matthew
Masha and us
Masha on the bed