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Tiara's Lora


Lora is our first dog. She is very special and since she was treated that way from the beginning, she is very spoiled, too.

As a puppy, she thought that every toy that is brought home, belongs to her dispite the fact that our daughter might not agree with that. The whole world belonged to her, including my meal.

Lora liked rabbits. We were chasing rabbits all around our neighborhood... She also liked pine cones, and usually brought one home after a walk. This way we got to know that pine cones stored by the threshold can open and close depending on weather outside...

Now Lora is a grown-up lady, and does not pay much attention to rabbits or squirrels but her love to a personal stick is imperishable. When we go to a park, Lora waits quite impatiently when the trunk will be open to get her stick, and she carries it with pride until it's time to go home.

Lora at the grooming table

She was quite upset when she realized her puppies had grown up and can take toys from her. Then for some period of time Lora preferred to keep a distance between herself and the pups until she picked a favorite one, Lera. Now Lora plays with Lera, and she keeps an eye on this baby, sometimes giving her too much attention. These two like to play together and do not like when the rest of the pack intrudes their play.

Lora: Did you call me?