Tiara's Lora


June 26, 2000 - February 7, 2014

Lora was our first dog. She was very special and since she was treated that way from the very beginning; she was very spoiled, too.

Lora as a puppy 1
Lora as a puppy 2
Lora as a puppy 3

As a puppy, she thought that every toy that is brought home, belongs to her dispite the fact that our daughter might not have agreed with that. The whole world belonged to her, including my meal.

Lora with Vlad and Tatyana
Lora with Vlad
Lora with toy

Lora liked rabbits. We were chasing rabbits all around our neighborhood... She also liked pine cones, and usually brought one home after a walk. This way we got to know that pine cones stored by the threshold can open and close depending on weather outside...

As a grown-up lady, Lora did not pay much attention to rabbits or squirrels but her love to a personal stick was imperishable. When we went to a park, Lora waited quite impatiently when the trunk will be open to get her stick, and she carried it with pride until it was time to go home.

Lora with a stick side view
Lora with a stick front view
Lora with a garland

She was quite upset when she realized her puppies had grown up and can take toys from her. Then for some period of time Lora preferred to keep a distance between herself and the pups until she picked a favorite one, Lera. The two of them liked to play together and did not like when the rest of the pack intruded their play.

Lora with her puppies

Lora loved her first grandchildren, Emma's puppies. She nursed them, disciplined them, supervised their play. With time she distanced herself from the rest of the dogs, being on the pedestal of the matron of the house.

Lora with Emma and puppies
Lora with Emma's puppies

Lora hated to be enclosed. Forget the crate, she did not like to be locked in the room, or left alone in the fenced yard. It would only take her a minute to dig a pass under a gate (why dig anywhere else). She would then wait at the front door to be let in.

Lora was with us always to enter a new home (both of them), and she did approve them, which was important to me. She loved our newest place, with a lot of land and quiet neighborhood. Almost immediately after the move Lora went out on exploring new area, so the neighbors had to accompany her home ("A new dog! She must be yours!")

Lora remained young and active for a very long time. At age 12, she started deteriorating because Tatyana had left for college, and Lora missed her so much. Still she remained in good health and was very regal till the very end.

Lora near fireplace
Lora on driveway
Lora in the office
Lora's head

Lora had gorgeous head, she was very elegant but not too refined, had beautiful coat, perfect springy gait, which she passed on to her children, and we strive to preserve these features in our breeding line.

old Lora