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Liza (that's "Lisa with a Z"), the only cream puppy in the litter, felt special from the very beginning.

Liza at 8 weeks
Liza opened her eyes
Liza at 5 weeks
Mama's girl

Liza has academical style of mind. She observes, analyzes, and makes conclusions.

Lisa at 8 weeks
Lisa at 8 weeks

Liza likes to be the center of attention, and takes central spots wherever she is - as such, she sleeps in the center of the bed, no matter who or what lays there.
She is also a shepherd in poodle's skin. She likes to gather everyone together, be it puppies, adult dogs, or humans. She likes nothing more but to keep everyone under control. She loves to be on a grooming table: after all, it's the top spot!

Liza on the table
Liza on the table

When at the show, she would stay on top of my head - it gives her better observance. Yet Liza is so sweet that it had to be reflected in her name.

Liza standing high
Standing high

Liza loves to play. If there is no one around to play with her, she would throw the toy herself and then go and catch it.

Liza's first win
Liza's first win - shows were fun for her at the beginning!..
Liza and Ivan playing
... but playing with brother Ivan is much more fun!

Halfway to her Championship, Liza decided the show routine is too boring, but playing in the ring did not quite agree with the judges so Liza returned home for a nice long and well deserved vacation while younger generation of our puppies conquer the ring. 

Liza controls her territory
Everything is under control!