Sweet Dream of OZ


Born August 15, 2009

Liza (that's "Lisa with a Z"), the only cream puppy in the litter, felt special from the very beginning.

Liza at 2 weeks
Liza at 5 weeks
Lisa at 8 weeks

Liza has academical style of mind. She observes, analyzes, and makes conclusions.

Liza likes to be the center of attention, and takes central spots wherever she is - as such, she sleeps in the center of the bed, no matter who or what lays there.

She is also a shepherd in poodle's skin. She likes to gather everyone together, be it puppies, adult dogs, or humans. She likes nothing more but to keep everyone under control. She loves to be on a grooming table: after all, it's the top spot!

When at the show, she would stay on top of my head - it gives her better observance. Yet Liza is so sweet that it had to be reflected in her name.

Liza on the table
Liza standing high
Liza's profile

Liza loves to play. If there is no one around to play with her, she would throw the toy herself and then go and catch it. She would never miss an opportunity to have a good time, at show or not.

Liza's first win
Liza and Ivan playing

Halfway to her Championship, Liza decided the show routine is too boring, but playing in the ring did not quite agree with the judges so Liza returned home while younger generation of our puppies conquered the ring. Liza's lovely cousins though too quickly and very thouroughly rid her of show coat, and that happened to be the end of the shows for Liza.

Liza is happy to be home, and she tries to rule and guard, and stay in contol of things as much as she can.

Liza controls her territory

Liza and Matthew had a litter together, and we got the apricot puppy we wanted out of it! Liza was an amazing mother, very proud and very protective of her puppies. She and two of her puppies that we kept, Ippolit and Dusya, remain very close to date.

Liza with puppies
Ippolit, Dusya, and Liza
Dirty Liza
Liza smiling

Liza used to play dirty, literally. One time she was digging in the yard, and - pity I did not have a camera - she came out of it pretending to be a party-poodle. She was half-black from the bottom up, and had a black face and ears! She had to be hosed down, too dirty to get straight in the bath!

Liza has matured now, and tries to rule an unruly pack of dogs, each with a big personality and ambitions of their own. Some win, some lose, but Liza is for sure the loudest voice in the house.