CH Valerie Blue Dream of OZ


November 29, 2003 - September 7, 2016

Lera at 3 months of age

Lera was my shadow and my dearest baby. She was sweet and tender. At the same time, she was an inspirer and organizer of all the games, rough play and house-destroying activities. She was a fidget. She was very flexible and when everyone had had enough of her, and three of her favorite playmates - Karl, Letta, and Emma - start chaising her, she would hide under my bed. It also was one of her favorite places to sleep at night, the other one being my pillow.

Hey guys! I have something on my mind!
Hey guys! I have something on my mind!

She was impossible and irresistible. She would invent a game, involved everybody else in it, and when she would see that we were disapproving, she immediately took a look of innocence as if she was too good to even think of such a disastrous activity.

Me? Did something? No! I was here all the time...
Me? Did something? No! I was here all the time...

During her show career, Lera was shown exclusively by Michael Lobinske. It was the most difficult decision for me - and quite possibly the most selfless act - to let her live with Mike, as I was very attached to her. But it was also the only option to have Lera show for someone else, and I owned that to my beatiful girl.

Lera's first show
Lera running
Lera and Olga after the show
Lera on the table
Best of Winners
New Champion
Lera on deck

We were very happy when Lera returned home! She quickly put the things back in the order they were when she left. While Lera was gone, Karl occupied her crate. Upon return, Lera quietly but firmly pointed to Karl it's not his anymore, and Karl had to move to different one.

Lera did not like to be photographed, and she was always at my feet, which made it difficult for me to take her pictures. If she would notice a camera pointed at her, she would turn away.

Lera had a litter of five gorgeous puppies.

She is a proud mother of CH Blue Mariner of OZ "Ivan". Her daughter Liza, Sweet Dream of OZ, is, indeed, a sweet addition to our family.

Later on, Lera was excited to play with her grandchildren. Ippolit was particularly fond of his grandma and often would share a bed with her.

Lera's puppies
Lera watching me

Lera was always by my side, and when she wasn't she would watch over me. I miss her dearly, and find a great deal of resemblance in her grandpuppy Shura.
Lera in the woods