OZ Poodles

Standard Poodles

Karl Ferdinand of OZ

Karl wearing a bow tie

There is something about Karl!
Everybody likes Karl.

Karl is adorable. He has such a charisma, that he is everybody's favorite.

He is big and gentle, kind and subtle.

Kids like to play with Karl because he is very delicate and has a sense of trustworthiness around him.

Karl's sisters like to play with him as he allows them to tease him, and chase him, and get him by the throat, and he enjoys it and then it's his turn to chase all three girls at once!

Karl likes to join somebody at throw and catch play, usually it is Philippe or Letta. For him,  it is more fun to have a competitive game than to catch a personal toy. 


For Vlad, the "Poodle" word associates with "Karl". That's a true love. There might be dogs that are of a better breed type, or closer to a breed standard, but there exists that very special one that makes you love a particular breed for the rest of your life; and in every dog you will look for that special trait that took you heart once and forever, and that's who Karl is for my husband.

Vlad and Karl on vacation