Grand Champion CH Sunbeam of OZ


Born May 8, 2011

Irka smiling

Irka loves everyone! That is her defining characteristic. She can kiss you indefinitely, she never tires of it (but you do!). She is sweet natured and cares about people and dogs alike.

Irka at 8 weeks old
Irka at 4 months

Irka was pick of the litter puppy. She was adorable - and she still is!

Irka in puppy trim
Irka at 6 months
Irka in Continental trim, running

Because of her unusual color she is known among the dog show people as "Dirt", and sometimes she lives up to her nickname.

Irka jumping
dirty Irka
very dirty Irka

Irka had a very special relationship with Karl. They loved each other, and were often laying close together.

Irka had a litter of apricot, red, and cream puppies, which she was very proud of. One of the puppies resembled Karl a bit, and Irka was particularly fond of him. When the puppy left to his new home, Irka was depressed though two of her puppies, Alla and Garrick, are still with us. Irka found a way out of her depression when little Timmy joined the family, and she became a new mother to him.

Irka kissing Karl
Irka with puppies
Tatyana with Irka's puppies