CH Autumn Wind of OZ


Born November 16, 2014

Ippolit looking up to you

Ippolit was a puppy I wanted so much! My own beautiful apricot boy!

newborn puppy
a serious puppy

Ippolit is the sweetest boy. He loves to play, and he loves the company of other dogs. He and his sister Dusya were inseparable while puppies. They enjoyed going out together when grown up, too.

Ippolit and Dusya at 6 weeks
Ippolit and Dusya at 12 weeks
Ippolit and Dusya at Tatyana's

Ippolit's show career was very brief. He received his first major while still a puppy, then went home for quite a while since he had some growth to do. He returned 2 years later to win 2 more majors in one weekend, to be followed by yet another major, and with that he was a Champion!

I myself tried to show him as special to get Grand Champion points but Ippolit apparently became unhappy about showing. He hates the car, and he is not enjoying a show routine, so we finally scissored off his hair (that part he did not approve of!).

major win as a puppy
Ippolit before the show

Ippolit is very happy at home, where he can just be a pet!

Ippolit running with puppies
Ippolit on a bed with Liza
happy Ippolit

Ippolit is eager to please. He is watching you in the eye and tries to predict your next move, his expression is sheer love. He is so obedient that our next adventure with him is to try competing in Rally.