Startdust of OZ


Born July 3, 2017

Garrick smiling

Garrick was born small and grey. He remained dusty color until later, when he cleared and became light apricot, like his mother Irka. Garrick is sweet boy, very playful, not pretentious. He is very gentle and caring. He loves little puppies and is very careful with them.

Garrick is a constant companion to his sister Alla, who is a leader in their duo. Garrick was very happy when little Timmy joined the family. Garrick was very proud to play a role of a big brother, to show Timmy around, to teach him a routine and share the toys with him.

Garrick never liked big hair. He could not reach to the hair on the mane, but he dealt with ear wraps in just two bites. He could not be happier when I finally gave up and put him in HCC trim.

Garrick is self entertaining dog who is playing tirelessly with the balls. I have very few picures of him because he is always moving, playing, throwing the ball. It is a little bit of an obsession. He is the kindest and most joyous dog that brings warmth into your life.

Garrick and Alla the puppies
Garrick in full coat
Garrick's hair is gone
Garrick and Irka