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Emma Theodora of OZ

Emma's First New Year
Emma's First New Year

Emma is our alpha-female. She was the biggest girl in the litter but managed to grow up the smallest one. Despite her size, she took a responsibility of being an Alpha, and she looks and acts as a more mature dog than her brothers and sisters do.


Emma is my favorite pet. She likes to hug, meaning that she hugs you. She waits until I sit on a chair or a sofa, and she immediately jumps on my laps, and curls happily like a cat so we call Emma "our kitten".

Emma likes to be photographed. She is present on almost every single picture that we take at home.


In May 2007, Emma had a litter of 7 beautiful puppies. Being as responsible as she is, she makes a wonderful mother. Emma was quite passionate about the puppies, and the rest of the dogs honored it, staying away from the bedroom where the whelping box was. Lora was the first one who was allowed to share the responsibility of caring for the puppies. Later the rest of the family joined to play with puppies, except for Karl who prefers to stay away from the little sharp teeth.

Emma's puppies at 8 weeks
8 weeks old puppies
Emma and her litter
Emma, the girls, and the litter