Fleur Noire of OZ


Born November 16, 2014

Vlad and Dusya

Dusya loves her Daddy. Her life is dedicated to him. She cares about him, she watches him, she would do anything for him. Except, maybe, stop barking. Dusya takes after her mother Liza in this way; she has a very deep voice and she does not hesitate to use it.

Vlad with Dusya and Ippolit
Dusya and Ippolit

Dusya is very busy and fidgety, and she always was a great company to her brother Ippolit, pushing him to do his best. Dusya also is very close to her mother Liza. They both like to be next to Vlad, whether in his office working, or on a sofa watching TV, or in the bed.

puppy Dusya outdoors
Dusya on the grooming table
Dusya on the sofa

Dusya is pretty and she loves to show but she had had a few obstacles during her show career, taking long breaks, so after collecting both her Majors she still needs single points to earn a Champion title. We hope we can return to the shows soon.

Dusya in puppy trim
Ippolit and Dusya, ready for the ring
Major win picture