Grand Champion CH Bluebell of OZ, CGC


Born May 8, 2011

quintessetial Dina
Dina, my lilac beast. Strong and independent. Willful and mighty. Caring and forceful. Controlling and protective. Demanding and giving. Super agile. A mind of her own, whose wishes you have to respect and consider. One of a kind, my Dina.
Sweet Dina

Dina grabs your attention the moment you lay eyes on her. She is so full of life! Her attitude speaks volumes, and she mastered the art of stinky eye. She got her Championship quite fast, and Grand Champion title did not take much longer.

Dina as a puppy
Dina in adult trim

Dina is a very joyful dog. She loves visiting places, she loves guests in the house, and every opportunity where she can shine!

Dina in the grooming area
Dina and Paris at AKC Meet the Breed event
Dina with sister Paris at AKC Meet the Breed event, PCA booth

Dina was a perfect mother not only to her puppies but to Irka's puppies, too. When Irka's puppies were 2 weeks old, Irka decided she is quite tired of them, and only cared to come nurse them. Then Dina moved in, she accepted the puppies as her own, she slept with them day and night, cleaned them, warmed them, loved them. She only could not nurse them but was cross with Irka when she came to feed the puppies. Irka's puppies, Alla and Garrick, still treat Irka and Dina with equal respect. Sometimes I think they took more after Dina than Irka.

Dina at Tatyana's
Dina at home
Dina smiling