Summer Star of OZ


Born July 3, 2017

Alla with a paw

Alla is always in your face. She is super affectionate, taking it from her mother Irka and bringing it to new heights. She is also a grand thief extraordinaire. Despite her small stature and thanks to her flexibility and keen senses, she can reach almost everywhere and she steals everything, all the food she can get, empty food cans, plastic bottles with medicine, the list goes on. When she was a puppy, "the frog" was her favorite pose.

Alla the frog
Alla and Garrick

Alla was named after the famous Russian musical performer Alla Pugacheva who had red hair. When Irka had puppies, the first night I was checking them every 15 minutes, as some puppy was crying. A few hours later I realized it is always the same puppy that cries, and she was not discomforted, lost or cold, she was just hanging on a tit and singing. So the next morning the red-haired puppy was christened Alla in honor of The Woman Who Sings.

Alla at 8 weeks
Alla looking up
Alla at 5 months

Alla's show career never materialized, and she lost her coat since Timmy the puppy found her superattractive and the best playmate ever, and his favorite way of showing an attraction was to hang on to the hair. Alla though is very happy to lead a pet life, and enjoys her days playing as much as she can and as rough as she wants to.

Alla flying
Alla in the yeard
Alla in HCC